Monday, November 20, 2023

Egg and Green Onion Mold from Eggs in Family Meals (1969)

Egg-specting guests over the holidays? Well, nothing says “I’m an egg-cellent host” like the Egg and Green Onion Mold from ‘Eggs in Family Meals: A Guide for Consumers’ (1969) from the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This low-cal beauty has “just the right piquancy” and makes six ½ cup servings. Have cherry pie for dessert. Now, get out. According to the credits, this booklet was “Revised December 1967” and “Slightly revised March 1969”. Click image for full size picture. – Dan Taylor

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Friday, November 17, 2023

Cheeza Corned Beef from A Treasury of Bake Off Favorites (1969)

Who doesn't love to unwind on a Friday night with a nice glass of wine and a pizza? Then you'll love this "delightful mixture of sweet and piquant" featuring pickle relish mayonnaise (?), corned beef, and (checks notes) sour cream. From 'A Treasury of Bake Off Favorites' (Pillsbury, 1969). Might I suggest a nice Beaujolais, or if you're in the mood for a white wine, a dry Riesling. Click image for full size picture. — Dan Taylor

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Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Ham Cornucopias from Treasured Recipes of the Old South (1941)

Gosh darn-it, Mrs. Marie Kimball. I know you’re “an authority on early American documents, architecture, glass and Colonial furniture,” but why do you always have to take things too far? Your recipe for Ham Cornucopias starts off so well. We’ve got your thinly sliced deli ham (though it looks a tad thick), we’ve got your small pickles—representing the spike of the lily, of course—and then you have to ruin it by throwing in the gelatin mold featuring mayo and vegetable salad, not to mention the dang aspic jelly cubes as garnish. I’m nothing if not a gallant gentleman, but can’t we just have some deli ham slathered in cream cheese wrapped around a hunk of dill? To say ‘Treasured Recipes of the Old South’ (John Morrell & Co., 1941) is problematic is an understatement. And I'll leave it at that. Click picture for full size image. — Dan Taylor

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Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Frankfurters Go "High Hat" in Economy Salad from PET Milk Company (1939)

Mary Lee Taylor of the Pet Milk Experimental Kitchen makes a return appearance ... for a couple reasons. First, the holidays are coming up and we could all use a few extra pennies in our pockets. Second, I’m almost finished reading ‘Raw Dog’ by Jamie Loftus, so I’ve got frankfurters, wieners, and hot dogs dancing through my head. Granted, it was tough to pass up the “most unusual and delicious sauce” touted in the Salmon Casserole recipe, but when you introduce the Economy Salad recipe by saying “Frankfurters go ‘high hat’…”, I’m like putty in your hands. Click image for full size picture. (‘Delicious Wholesome Meals for 2 or 4 or 6’, Pet Milk Company, 1939). — Dan Taylor

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Monday, November 13, 2023

Meat Loaf from Fun to Cook Book (1967)

Today’s vintage recipe comes to us from nepotism baby Margie Blake. You’re probably familiar with the work of her mother, Mary Blake, cookbook pamphlet face of Carnation Evaporated Milk and author of such classics as ‘Teen-Time Cooking’ and ‘Right Eating Keeps You Swingin’’. Well, little Margie told her mom that some cookbooks had “too many words” while others were “too babyish” and were filled with “play recipes”. So poor Mary—already worn down from trying to come up with a Carnation Evaporated Milk-based cream sauce for Sardine and Liver Sausage Aspic Surprise—had to ignore poor Mr. Blake (first name unknown) and write ‘Fun to Cook Book’ (1967) so little Margie could pass it off as her own. Here's Margie’s recipe (wink, wink) for Meat Loaf. Thought I’m not sure why the illustrator decided to make it look like Margie had dropped it on the floor where it got covered in hair. Click image for full size picture. (‘Fun to Cook Book’, Carnation Company, 1967) – Dan Taylor

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Friday, November 10, 2023

Happy Veterans Day! Fried Liver Fingers (1966)

My uncles—Mike, Charlie, and Dan—are veterans of WWII and all made it home to live long lives. To them, and all who served, I say, “thank you for your service” and wish a Happy Veterans Day. (Insert awkward transition) That said, here’s some treats from ‘Dare to Excel in Cooking: Award Winning Group Recipes of USS Semmes (DDG-18)’. The Semmes, a Charles F. Adams-class destroyer which entered service in 1962, was the winner of the 1966 Ney Award for the “outstanding small mess afloat”. I’m not sure if the Fried Liver Fingers or Oysters Jambalaya helped secure the award, but here they are for the next time you have 20+ of your closest friends headed over. Oh, and the wonderful illustrations around the edges are courtesy of the Navy-Marine Corps Recipe Service and can be found throughout ‘Dare to Excel in Cooking’ (by Darrell Miles [LT, (SC), USN] and William Bigley [CS1, USN], 1966). Finally, a few words about the recipes contained in the cookbook from David F. Emerson, Commanding Officer of the USS SEMMES (whom I picture looks like Tom Atkins in LETHAL WEAPON): “Please note that the recipes are for food for strong young Americans who work in the open air; there are no dainty items here to divert a Continental palate”. (Click image for full size picture)— Dan Taylor

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Spicy Wieners 'n Rice (1963)

Oscar Mayer might be “Specialists in sausage and smoked meats since 1883” but they’re also one of the titans of the recipe pamphlet. Our collection seemingly includes as many varieties of cookbooks and pamphlets from the “wurstmachers” at Oscar Mayer (now owned by Kraft Heinz) as the offerings from these sausage wizards. And this 1963 booklet celebrating their 80th anniversary is a fine example. Touting “80 recipes and suggestions, developed in the Oscar Meyer test kitchens”, this 48-pager features full-color photos and stylish illustrations highlighting everything from Wiener Spinach Casserole and Liver Sausage Peanut Buns to Liver Sausage Pickle Dip and Pumpkin-Hollow Dip (shhhh, the secret ingredient is liver sausage). Admittedly, it was hard to choose something to highlight but I know how you folks like to add a little spice to your life, so here’s something called Spicy Wieners ‘n Rice with a bonus recipe for Wiener Mashed Potato Pie. Click image for full size picture. (’80 Favorites’, Oscar Mayer, 1963) — Dan Taylor

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Monday, November 06, 2023

Man-Dazzlin Coconut Dream Cake (1948)

Alright, ladies! Got a man that needs “dazzlin”? Check out this lacy gold-and-white Ambrosia Cake featuring Swans Down Cake Flour and Baker’s Coconut. Complicated? Not a bit! You’ll have plenty of time to darn some socks, wash the kitchen floor, and get yourself all dolled up before your man comes home. Click image for full size picture. (General Foods, 1948) – Dan Taylor

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