Monday, December 19, 2005

Look! Up in the sky! It's a cheesy Christmas LP!

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's three iconic superheroes decked out in ridiculous holiday attire!

Yes, nothing brings a pop culture icon crashing down to earth like "The Christmas Record." I'm a big Col. Steve Austin fan, and an original member of The Bionic Action Club, but did you ever feel the same about Mr. Six Million after that absurd Christmas adventures album where he had to fight testy elves?

Probably not.

And you'll probably never look at The Man of Steel, The Dark Knight or, The, um, Wonder Woman the same way after this tragic attempt to suck the allowance money from your circa 1977 wallet.

I actually picked this LP up at an auction a few months back, purely for a cover that could have the balls to stick Batman – a vigilante who dresses like a bat, has no super powers, and spends his nights pulverizing thugs – in a Santa beard. Poor Wonder Woman doesn't even get to hoist a sack of toys on her back like Batsie and Supes. No, she's little more than holiday eye candy for the kids at home.

Here's all three "Exciting Christmas Stories" from this 1977 Peter Pan LP. Superman and Wonder Woman's tales are one-parters, Batman's is split over both sides of the record, hence the two part presentation. Enjoy Crime Fighters!!

Superman: Light Up the Tree, Mr. President [ Download ]
Wonder Woman: The Prisoner of Christmas Island [ Download ]
Batman: Christmas Carol Caper [ Download Part 1 \ Part 2 ]

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Clurg said...

"But there are buttons and buttons."

"The ocean is so large and that island so small, but I must find it for the sake of children everywhere."

Rudy the red-nosed...hitman? Ugh.