Friday, December 12, 2008

Slow Oven-Cooked Ribs

I returned home from a recent Costco excursion and realized that between our bulk meat purchases (Costco pork chops are the best!), cornucopia of Omaha Steaks boxes and various other frozen goodies we needed to do some shopping in our freezer for a couple weeks and take a break from doing big grocery store trips.

We actually stuck to the plan and had four or five meals from the freezer this week, including a hearty and delicious Vegetable Soup from Home Bistro, our fave Pork Chops with Country Gravy, and some Chicken Breast Cutlets with Pasta.

Since I'd also picked up some frozen pork barbecue at Costco I asked Chris to be on the lookout for an inexpensive slab of ribs when she was at the store yesterday. Mission accomplished and she found nearly 2.5 lbs. of pork spareribs for less than $6... and while I love Andy Nelson's in Cockeysville, the same ribs would be at least $15.

So, with the rains finally out of the region but a cold, stiff wind in its place I decided that it was unlikely I'd be able to do my usual outdoor rib recipe and opted instead for a Slow Oven Cooked inside recipe. I've just pre-heated the oven though the ribs were given a good rubdown with Head Country Championship Seasoning a couple hours ago.

UPDATE: The ribs turned out pretty damn good if I do say so myself. The aroma of slow cooking pork filled the house and Chris even commented that when she pulled into our garage she could smell the deliciousness while she was still in the car.

The top photo is the Head Country-rubbed ribs before they were covered with foil and placed in the oven. The middle photo shows the steamy slabs as they looked out of the cooking pan while I was draining the grease. After a liberal dousing with Head Country BBQ Sauce they went back in the oven – uncovered – for another 30 minutes or so. The result is the third photo. And, hey, the frozen BBQ wasn't bad either! I think I paid about $8 for two containers (one of which is still in the freezer), so $12 for a huge BBQ meal for two (I added a couple bucks for the slaw mix) isn't bad at all!



The ribs have been rubbed and will go in the oven a bit later after I do some baking. I'm so nervous about 'the meaty side-up flip'! I will let you know how it goes.....

bulrich said...

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Brian (Weber)

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