Friday, February 24, 2012

Kitchen Nightmares Visits Charm City Tonight

Don't forget, folks. FOX's 'Kitchen Nightmares' – the one where Gordon Ramsey shows his softer side, comes to town and helps a struggling restaurant find its footing again – visits Baltimore tonight to try and rehab Hampden's own Cafe Hon. (The episode airs at 8 PM Eastern.)

I've been a vocal critic of the food at CH, culminating with a truly horrible and wretched dinner we had there back in 2007. And that wasn't an isolated incident. Previous visits between 2001 and 2007 had ranged from uninspired and mediocre to forgettable and pointless.

The restaurant, of course, became ground zero for last year's "Hon-troversy" in which owner Denise Whiting trademarked the term "hon", a long-standing term of endearment in the region. Protests followed suit and Ramsay came to town, not only to help with the cafe's food problems but also to broker peace between the owner and local protectors of the "hon" legacy.

Look for THG contributor and Smile Hon, You're In Baltimore editor/publisher William Patrick Tandy while you're watching, hon.

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