Thursday, May 23, 2013

THG #12 Update and a Quick Serious Note

Looks like things are starting to come together for the new issue, despite our intended print shop closing their doors! (It's okay. Fellow publishers – and Google – came to the rescue and we have a couple potential printers. And yes, in case you missed it, we are re-launching the print version of The Hungover Gourmet this fall. You can read more details and get info on how to contribute at an earlier post.)

Articles have already landed in our hands from past THG contributors like Crites and The Beer Snob and I hope to have an interview lined up with a craft beer luminary who is behind a new launch of sessionable craft beers.

In addition, my wife – an award-winning baker with a long history in family restaurants (which she wrote about in THG #8 which is available in limited quantities from our store) – is going to chronicle her efforts to take home more ribbons at the 2013 Maryland State Fair. This year should be more interesting than ever as our soon-to-be-six-year-old daughter will be old enough to enter baked goods in this year's competition.

We're also making a return to the world of homebrew after a prolonged absence and the issue will include a Homebrew Kit Throwdown between kits from Brooklyn Brew Shop and Mr. Beer. May the best beer win!

Other contributors have expressed interest, but I'll keep mum on anything else until I have firm commitments or actual articles.

As for the font cover photo contest... details are still being worked out and I should have info posted by the beginning of June.

On a more serious note, good pal and THG contributor Louis Fowler (whose epic 'Stupid Size Me' graced THG #11) informed us that the devastating tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma earlier this week were only miles from his home. Though Louis and family are safe, hundreds are injured, many are dead and thousands are dealing with the aftermath of this disaster. You can help by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation or visit the Red Cross website to make a donation in any amount to their disaster relief efforts.

Have a great Memorial Day weekend filled with food, drink and fun and remember, relax ... it's only cooking.

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