Tuesday, April 02, 2019

A-Rod Mocked for Calling Cheesesteak A "Cheese Sandwich"

I always loathe the pandering of national sports broadcasts, but ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball took it to new lows the other night during the Phillies/Braves game.

In an attempt to show some love for the Phightin' Phils – who haven't exactly been a fixture on the network's marquee baseball broadcast in recent seasons – somebody had the bright idea to have the (ugh) Phillie Phanatic deliver cheesesteaks to the broadcast booth.

What followed was an ill-advised and uninformed attempt to embrace Philly while sampling some of the iconic sandwich, with Jessica Mendoza wondering why there was red sauce on one and Matt Vasgersian inventing something called "wiz wit sauce".

Why not bring some attention to Questlove's vegan cheesesteak, available at the ballpark and drawing rave reviews from Friends of THG, via a blind taste test?

But, fittingly, the most mockery was reserved for walking suntan bed A-Rod who gushed "this is the greatest cheese sandwich I've ever had – it's amazing" and smelled the inside of Bryce Harper's cleats. – Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor is a lifelong Phillies fan and the editor of The Hungover Gourmet. He is looking forward to visiting Citizens Bank Park, sampling a Questlove "cheesesteak" and jeering Johnny Haircut, er, rooting for Bryce Harper. Sorry. It's going to take some getting used to.

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