Wednesday, April 17, 2024

WIENER WEDNESDAY: Three Favorites from '80 Favorites' (1963)

WIENER WEDNESDAY – Listen, I know how you’re feeling. Sometimes the alarm goes off on Wiener Wednesday and you’re totally conflicted. You grew up thinking Wednesday was Prince Spaghetti Day, so you crave something that speaks to your inner Italian. But what if you missed Taco Tuesday and you really want to make up for it? Then again, you’re 100% red-blooded American, and you need to feed all that. Don’t fret. Our friends at Oscar Meyer have a trifecta of Italiano-Mexicali-‘Mercan wiener meals courtesy of ’80 Favorites’ (1963) to feed whatever cuisine wants to reign supreme. Choose from Pizza Wieners featuring something called “wiener wagon buns”, Mexicali Wiener Supper complete with the cornerstones of South of the Border cuisine like thyme and grated process American cheese, or a Chip ‘n Cheese Wieners recipe that has you stuffing slit wieners with a mixture of cheese, potato chips, catsup, minced onion and Worcestershire. Click picture for full-size image.

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