Sunday, June 05, 2005

Next Food Network Star Premieres Tonight

I will try to hide my bitterness as I watch tonight's premiere of 'The Next Food Network Star' on the channel that brought us the increasingly intolerable Emeril Lagasse, the snide Bobby Flay, the cutesy and annoying Rachel Rey (who is a big, fat annoying chick just waiting to happen), not to mention Gordon Elliott, Mario Batale, and that guy who goes to the all-American food festivals and screams like an imbecile. Wait, is that not PC? Should I say retard?

Anyway, I wasn't allowed to enter the contest so that taints the whole competition as far as I'm concerned. Hell, who wouldn't want THG in their home on a weekly basis? Damn straight. Don't forget it's on and be sure to visit the blog for what will surely be smarmy, snarky comments.

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