Sunday, June 05, 2005

One More Dispatch and Then I'm Going to Sleep

Okay, so I didn't know they were showing back-to-back episodes of that Food Network Star thingie. But really, what more do you people want? I pit my ribs, smokey wings and BBQ sandwich from my favorite BBQ joint on hold FOR AN HOUR so I could post my comments about that train wreck.

Here's one big complaint/question... aren't they going to make them live together?! Come on, the granddaddy of 'em all -- THE REAL WORLD -- established a blueprint you just shouldn't detour from. Take X number of complete strangers, make 'em live together under one roof and see what happens when things start getting real. Jesus, they do it twice a year every year for a reason... we want to see when somebody's drug/drinking/sex/gambling/internet porn addiction comes to light. We want to see the racial tension. We want to see participants sleep together. We want to see gayness.

Come on. They are so missing the point here.

And another big complaint? Don't show me promos for next week's episode before this week's episode is OVER! Please, let me maintain some dignity by convincing myself I'm tuning in for a teensy weensy bit of drama. But, if you're gonna show me who's in next week's installment with ten minutes left in THIS week's installment, well, hell's bells, I might as well just Tivo the whole thing. Only I don't have Tivo.

Well, an early alarm clock bell awaits and my 10 PM dinner of ribs, wings and a BBQ sandwich piled high with cole slaw is starting to catch up to me. Nighty night.

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