Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Ronald McDonald -- Fitness Guru

First they dropped the "super size" option, now McDonald's has remade one of advertising's most recognizable spokesclowns as -- get this -- a fitness guru.

Back in the good old days, Ronald McDonald lived in the incredibly great McDonaldland which had bushes made of french fries and a guy in prison stripes who ran around stealing burgers. Good times, good times.

With stories about childhood obesity and our society's out-of-control eating appearing almost daily, the Golden Arches is trying a new approach. Ads will debut this week with an animated Ronald McDonald encouraging kids to get up, get outside and get some exercise. Curiously absent from the ads are the fast food empire's signature burgers, fries and shakes.

Meanwhile, Burger King continues to push the obscene food envelope, announcing that they plan on test-marketing a commuter pack of chicken fries later this year!

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