Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Soul Food 101

The best sould food I've ever had was at a restaurant in Danbury, CT. Yep, Connecticut. The little corner eatery was found by my brother while he was living in Danbury for a few years and when I'd visit we'd high tail it over there for massive amounts of incredible soul food. The owner, who we got to know over our repeat visits, told us that he knew the secret to success when he first got the idea... his aunt.

So, when it came time to fulfill his dream of opening the eatery he went down South and brought her up to live with him in Connecticut and oversee the kitchen and recipes. It was a sound move, as every bite of pork chops, every forkful of greens was like being in heaven.

Here's an interesting article from a paper in Zanesville, Ohio which talks about soul food's role as a traditional cuisine, with recipes passed down from generation to generation.

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