Friday, June 10, 2005

This Place Makes Me Want to Boo

Veteran's Stadium had a horrible reputation in the world of sports, but that didn't stop me from loving it long time. Despite the crummy location, concrete turf, soggy hot dogs and watered down beers I still fondly recall it as the place where I saw my first baseball game (with my Dad) and also my first pro football game (a 70s era Cowboys/Eagles fiasco).

Years later my friends and I would grab boxes of Roys chicken and head down for a twi-night doubleheader or the short-lived, but affordable, USFL.

With the stadium heading for demolition, my new bride and I took a ride from Baltimore back to our South Philly stomping grounds for one last game at the "toilet."


CheeseWit said...

I'm very happy that the large statues of baseball players and football players that surrounded Veteran's Stadium are now displayed at the parking lot on the site.

Dan said...

I'm ashamed to admit I haven't made it up to the new ballpark yet. We went to the Eagles/Ravens game at The Linc last season but I haven't been to Citizen's Bank. Do they have a nickname for it yet?

Cheesewit said...

No nickname. One thing that's interesting is that KYW 1060 radio reporters never say Citizen's Bank Park or Lincoln Financial Field or Wachovia Center when they do a report or wrap-up from those locations. They don't want to give free advertising, so they call it the ballpark or the field or the center.