Thursday, July 14, 2005

Don't Gamble on Vacation -- Get Travel Insurance

When my wife and I booked our honeymoon on North Carolina's Outer Banks we figured it was a good idea to spend the extra $40 for the travel insurance. We were headed to OBX in the late summer/early fall months when hurricanes were at their peak and our waterfront house was sure to be hard hit if a storm did come ashore.

It was the best $40 bet we ever made. Hurricane Isabel announced her presence shortly after we set foot in our house and we were evacuated 36 hours into a most memorable honeymoon. (Other events that week? My father was hospitalized, our dog had a seizure, and our newly finished basement flooded. Good times, good times.)

Anyway, we got back almost all of the pro-rated money vacation cost and were able to apply it to a return visit -- which went much smoother -- the following year. The Detroit News reports that vacation insurance has gained popularity in recent years and it's probably a good bet no matter where you're headed.


harriet1954 said...

You bet. I'm hoping (really, really hoping) that nothing happens the week we're down there (8/27-9-3) but if it's any indication from last year...well, let's just hope not. I plunked down the extra $50 with no problem. We're way too close to the water to take a chance. Now, if those piping plovers would just find some other place to live...

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