Thursday, November 24, 2005

THG Stocking Stuffer #1

Are you always looking for odd and interesting stocking stuffers for the folks on your holiday shopping list? Here at THG I'll be posting some unique gifties and stocking stuffers that I unearth on my travels.

Here's two nifty items from the folks at Flying Buffalo. Can't decide what to order on your pizza? Want to mix it up a bit and feeling like giving chance a try? Roll the Pizza Dice! These six-sided dice feature meat toppings on one die, veggies toppings on the other. Roll the dice and order what comes up... do I hear bacon and mushrooms?

Scroll down a little further and you'll also see Box Bands, another nifty device we've lived without for too long! Have game or puzzle boxes that are starting to come apart? These special rubber bands -- in a variety of sizes -- fit around all sides of the box, holding it together and reducing the risk of taking your eye out when one of the bands breaks and SHOOTS off!

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