Friday, April 28, 2006

Frazier's On the Avenue

I'd been to Frazier's once before for an Atomic Books anniversary event, but that doesn't count as an official sampling. Especially when you get up in the middle of Patton Oswalt's set and leave because you have tickets to a midnight show of EVIL DEAD 2. And before you give me any shit let me just say that I love Oswalt's humor, but we're talking EVIL DEAD 2 here. That and it's not like he's OUT COLD star Zach Galifianakis.

Anyway, it took ever-reliable drinking buddy, SMILE HON editor and THG contributor WP Tandy to get me back to Frazier's and I'm glad he did. Though the place is as smokey as a bar can get and the booths are so small that it's nigh impossible for four grown men to sit in them, Frazier's has a decent selection of beer (including $4 pints of Guinness as well as cans of Natty Boh) and their selection of food is as wide and varied as a bar can possibly muster. Specials last night included Filet Mignon Tips and Liver and Onions (and about a dozen others), alongside pages of more traditional offerings like sandwiches (hot and cold), appetizers (including shrimp and various flavors of wings) and burgers.

In my ever-continuing attempt to satisfy my Double-R-Bar Burger craving I ordered the "Ham" Burger, featuring what was supposed to be deli ham and BBQ sauce on top of a burger. The "deli ham" seemed more like the packaged deli meat I tear up for my dog, but that's what I get for not being more inquisitive. Fresh cut french fries rated above average and the accompanying onion rings were deep fried to the point of desiccation, but I kinda like 'em like that. There's nothing I hate more than chomping through a thick layer of breading and batter only to have my teeth sink into a limp slice of Vidalia that comes out in one long strand.

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