Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Blogger Eats Almost 3 Lbs. of Shoo Fly Pie in Pro Debut

I reported recently that Mega Munch editor/publisher Dave Shoffner would be stepping up to the pro ranks and competing in this past weekend's Shoo Fly Pie Eating Contest. Though he didn't finish in the money, Dave more than held his own by eating almost 3 lbs. of the sticky sweet dessert concoction.

You can read Dave's thoughts on the competition here and view photos from the event here. (I thought Dave's hat was a particularly nice touch, but I can't see those Amishy hats without thinking of the creepy cursed quilt episode of FRIDAY THE 13TH THE TV SERIES.)

In other competitive eating news, the world is gearing up for the Nathan's 4th of July Hot Dog Eating Contest, the World Cup of gastronomic gusto. Florida-based eater Hall Hunt has received a wild card for the event and all eyes will be glued to the TV on Independence Day to see if the great Kobayashi can retain his crown or if this will be the day America regains its glory and honor.


Mega Munch said...

I'll be at Coney on the 4th to watch what could be the end of the Kobayashi era. You know, I still haven't figured out if I'll be rooting for Koby or Joey Chestnut. Koby IS competitive eating, but Joey represents America. Maybe we'll all be surprised and Sonya Thomas will take the crown!

Dan said...

I'm putting my money on Sonya to be the top American finisher. I don't know if she'll beat Koby, but I think she'll eat her way past Chestnut and the other US males. Just a hunch...