Friday, September 08, 2006

Nice Write up THG #9 in Zine World

Received an e-mail from the publishers of Zine World yesterday informing me that they'd run a review of issue #9 of THG. I'm never quite sure how the ZW reviewers are going to react to the zine, especially after a review of a previous issue basically said that you'd enjoy it if you liked red meat and basketball. And I don't think they meant that in a good way.

This time, though, the review really gets THG and had nothing but nice things to say:

"The Hungover Gourmet #9: This smart and funny zine doesn’t just review
restaurants: it places eating and drinking in such vivid atmospheres
that you can actually picture yourself having dinner with THG’s
reviewers. Hope you’re hungry! We got real Philly cheesesteaks, Lay’s
Dill Pickle Chips, barbeque, sushi, donuts, Puerto Rican soul food,
fried chicken, Lithuanian bread, and waffles. Come for the food (and rum
drinks!), but stay for the dinner conversation. These connoisseurs love
to talk about the ambience and history of the places they’re dining in.
Dan Taylor, PO Box 5531, Lutherville MD 21094-5531,, [$3 US, $4
elsewhere, $10 for 4 issues, no checks, selective trade 32S :50]—Susan B."

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