Thursday, September 07, 2006

Of Crabcakes and Birdmen

The crabcake sandwich is to the Baltimore area what the cheesesteak is to Philly and its suburbs. You'll find many places claiming to serve the area's best specimen and an unscientific poll of the foodstuff's fans will produce as varied a result.

Having lived in the Baltimore area for a few years now, I've sampled many of what people claim to be the "best" crabcakes and while I may not rank it at the top of the list (Faidley's in Lexington Market takes that prize), the softball-sized mound of crab that makes up the legendary Crabcake Sandwich at G&M Restaurant and Lounge is a very close second.

After an earlier, aborted attempt to introduce my friend and drinking buddy Pat to the wonders of G&M we decided to give it a shot last night on our way to DC. I pulled into the G&M parking lot -- at about 7 PM on a Wednesday night! -- and gulped as we saw the line stretching out the door. Again. Luckily, the wait for two hungry people willing to sit at "first available" was only about 10 minutes.

Once inside we sat in the Lounge ("Proper Attire Required") where we could keep an eye on the Keno screen (I've seen this three hundred times in various bars and eateries and *still* haven't figured it out).

I started off with a big, chunk-filled and slightly peppery bowl of Cream of Crab Soup while Pat wisely passed and waited for an order of Large Steamed Shrimp to arrive. Shrimp were hot and meaty, though not quite as good as those served at John Steven in Fells Point (still the shrimp gold standard in my book).

The arrival of two crabcake sandwiches was met with wide eyes and gasps from Pat and a wide smile that said "Get in my belly!" from yours truly. Though it's been a couple years since my first (and last) visit, that softball-sized mound of crabcake was like the return of an old, but edible, friend.

Though I'm still partial to Faidley's, the crabcake sandwich at G&M is top notch and is deserving of its lofty rep. Having had one I'm now kicking myself for not dragging my out of town friends there when they visited a few weeks back.

While dinner settled we drove to DC and saw Aussie garage legends Radio Birdman in what was their first tour of the United States, ever. Normally a Guinness drinker, Pat begged off the heavy stuff and joined me in downing a couple pints of cold, but far lighter and more crabcake-friendly PBR as the night rocked on.

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