Friday, February 23, 2007

Fridays Meant Filet-O-Fish

I grew up in a Catholic household in which my parents strictly observed things like no meat on Fridays, and I don't mean just during the Lenten season. Nope, my folks were pretty old school so Fridays usually meant homemade pizza (I don't think I had a delivered pizza until I was in college), fish sticks (ugh), or Mom's weird Lenten combo of scrambled eggs, boxed mac & cheese, and canned peas.

Naturally, trips to the local fast food joints were slim on Fridays, but when I did go I got McDonald's Filet-O-Fish sandwich, which I still enjoy to this day. Invented by Cincinnati-area franchise owner Lou Groen, the sandwich oustold Ray Kroc's weird pineapple sandwich and remains on the menu 45 years later.

Fellow FOF fans might remember the chain's attempt to upscale the sandwich back in the late 80s or early 90s when they put it on a different bun, ditched the cheese and added – gasp – lettuce. The experiment failed and the classic Filet-O-Fish returned soon after. And while I'm not what you would call a "practicing" Catholic, a couple FOF sandwiches and some fries might just be appearing on my lunch menu later today.

After all, it is Friday.

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