Thursday, March 22, 2007

Shocking News... Chinese Food May Not Be Good for You

I love the NCAA basketball tournament, though you'd never know it from the horror show that my brackets have become. (Louisville in the Final Four? What the hell was I smoking?)

But, aside from listening to the great Gus Johnson call a close game, one of my fave NCAA tourney moments is listening to the announcers do live reads of promos for upcoming CBS shows. A couple years ago it was the classic SPRING BREAK SHARK ATTACK promos that the humorless Jim Nantz read like they were funeral announcements.

This year, the highlight came on the first day of the tournament when announcers were asked to read promos for that night's CBS Evening News telecast featuring this shocking story – Exercise May Help Prevent Disease. Stop the presses! As the Sports Guy wondered in his running diary of Day One, what's next, a study that finds smoking cigarettes might cause cancer?

So, what does this have to do with food, you ask? Well, I couldn't help but think about the fascinating exercise/health study when I heard that the wet blankets at the Center for Science in the Public Interest were back at it. You know, the CSPI, they've been behind such headlines as "Cutting Salt in Kids' Diets Reduces Blood Pressure" and "British Crackdown on Junk Food Ads Praised."

Since we've become a nation incapable of making decisions for ourselves, the CSPI feels the need to hammer home their anti-junk food, anti-alcohol, anti-business party line and they're at it again. The culprit this time – Chinese food.

Apparently, and I'm glad the CSPI is here to bring this to my attention, despite all that poultry, seafood and veggies, Chinese food might not be good for you. Really? You mean dredging food in flour, deep frying it in an oil-filled wok and serving it with a thick coating of a shiny sauce isn't following the nutritional guidelines.

To check out a video of a news report on the topic click here. (Sorry, we tried to embed the You Tube video but Blogger kept giving me an error.)

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