Thursday, May 31, 2007

Beer or Wine: Which is First with American Taste Buds?

In my 20+ years of drinking, I've found that while my wine taste has grown and changed to a remarkable extent, my beer taste remains pretty much the same. Heck, some would even argue that my newfound appreciation of Natty Boh is a step backwards to my college radio days of drinking whatever hideous, anemic swill could be purchased with our pool of leftover lunch money.

But wine, now that's a different story. Where once I drank Thunderbird or a paint-thinning concoction made from boxed wine and Mountain Dew I now seek out low-priced but tasty whites from Lindemann's and chewy, dry reds from Chile, Australia and California.

Even more than that, the recent realization that my Fat Polack Face wasn't going away made me step back and put the nightly beer or two back in the fridge.

Much to the dismay of beer executives around the country, my growing indifference to hops & barley is not an isolated case. Check out this article from Slate which talks about our country's growing appreciation for wine while beer sales flatten out like a warm can of Schmidt's.

Thanks to WP Tandy for the link.

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