Saturday, May 26, 2007

Memorial Day Favorites from The Hungover Gourmet

The arrival of Memorial Day weekend means that summer has arrived, at least in our hearts and stomachs. People everywhere will be firing up their grills and running to the supermarket to stock up on burgers, franks, beer and all the fixings needed for a swell kick-off to the season.

Unfortunately, I did not have time to pour through the huge THG Cookbook Archives to locate some fresh new vintage recipes, so I thought I'd roundup some of our summer holiday-centric faves from years past...

First up is my infamous encounter with Yocco's: The King of Hot Dogs. This column has probably received more commentary, questions and feedback than anything else I've written for THG over the last ten years. What does that say about all of us?!

A few years ago we went the extra mile for a column on Fourth of July recipes and came up with not one, but two menus packed with retro-punch for your holiday activities. Even though the Fourth is still six weeks away feel free to pick and choose or mix and match from our Beachcomber and Stars & Stripes menus.

And who can forget the Grillarama feature that kicked off our first issue of The Hungover Gourmet, published 10 years ago this summer!

Finally, I came to a realization while digging through a lot of these vintage recipe books. Instead of freeing the weekend chef, a number of these recipes make things way harder than they really need to be. Take Puppet Franks (pictured above), for instance.

Less like cooking and more like battlefield surgery, this highly involved, elaborately served dish can be summed up in one four word phrase: Hot dogs with ketchup.

Hope everybody has a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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