Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Three Words... Pepsi. Ice. Cucumber.

Not much time to write this morning. I've got a column that's due for the newspaper, web work up to my eyeballs, friends and family coming to visit the baby, a stack of CDs to ship to customers, and paperwork, paperwork, paperwork.

But that won't stop me from alerting you to the latest taste sensation from Japan. Yep, the people that brought you such mind-and-tastebud-altering snack treats as Two Cops Instant Snack and Nong Shim Shrimp Cracker now have something for you to wash it down with... Pepsi Ice Cucumber.

Mmmm, cucumbery.


John said...

Yeah, I saw that - um - interesting flavor. This from the land where mayo milkshakes were all the rage a few years ago! (I know this was a real thing but I'm frustrated now that I cannot find any evidence of it on the internet, except on expired links found through a Google search.) I guess it's a different palate, or just a higher tolerance for different foods than we have here.

Of course, it's all relative. There are whole societies out there who would be nauseated by the thought of eating a crab or a lobster! :)


Mmmmm is right. Yummy refreshing cucumber beverage. I bet you're going to chill with a Pepsi Ice Cucumber and watch Todd Newton if he becomes the next host of The Price Is Right. As a huge Todd Newton fan like yourself, the prospect of this must be overwhelming. You'll be out in Burbank in your I (heart) Todd shirt, trying to nail the price of the dishwasher so you can reach in Todd's jacket pocket for that C-note. Hopefully, you'll win big at Plinko and make it to the Showcase Showdown so you can maximize your TT (Todd Time). It's gonna be great for a big TN fan like you. I'll keep my fingers crossed!