Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What if The Hungover Gourmet was on The Simpsons?

My long-standing love of THE SIMPSONS is no secret around these parts and I'll gladly proclaim it as perhaps the best show ever created for American television. Meaning it's the best show ever created for television. Period.

With THE SIMPSONS MOVIE making its way to theaters in a week or so the tie-ins and promotions are piling up. If all goes well, tomorrow we'll be trekking to one of the eleven 7-11 stores that have been transformed into Kwik-E-Mart locations stocked with such Simpsons-centric goodies as Frosted Krusty-O's, Radioactive Man comics and Buzz Cola. (Sadly, no Duff Beer since this is a family-friendly flick.)

One question I've always had is what would it be like if The Hungover Gourmet guested on the show, perhaps to help Bart start a zine or Homer train for a competitive eating event. Well, I stepped on over to SimpsonizeMe.com and found out. And yes, that's a fairly decent rendering of yours truly.

The site takes a photo you provide and creates a Simpsons likeness based on the image and your answers to some questions. You can further customize your likeness with hair color, clothing styles and more. Be forewarned, though. The site is a bit flaky and I wasn't able to save my likeness on my account though I had downloaded it. Various attempts to create a Simpsons babe based on my wife kept running into pitfalls and when I did get one created I could neither download nor save it.

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