Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cooking Light Has Never Been to Wing Bowl

Smile Hon editor WP Tandy sent a communique this morning alerting me to the fact that Cooking Light magazine has announced their list of the Top 20 Healthiest US Cities. Based on 15 criteria, the magazine – which is celebrating its 20th anniversary – named Seattle, Washington (an upcoming THG travel destination) tops in the country followed by Portland, Oregon and Washington, DC.

Interestingly, three places where I've lived all made the list: Philly (#9), Baltimore (#11) and Pittsburgh (#13). I haven't spent a lot of time in Philly of late (Wing Bowl and Flyers games probably don't count and would surely skew CL's thoughts on the City of Brotherly Lunch), so I can't comment too much. As for Baltimore, I'm just glad one of the criteria wasn't "Number of Fairs and Festivals with an Emphasis on Fried Food & Funnel Cake".

As for the 'Burgh, I haven't lived there since the late 90s but I stand by my belief that it was the single fattest city I've ever seen or driven through. Almost daily, I'd sit at traffic lights in the city's downtown and stare at the bulging waistbands and crimes against fashion and fabric. Maybe a lot has changed in the last decade, but I'm more than a little skeptical.


Aj said...

I cry foul with this list. First of all, how can Philadelphia be on it at all. Second, Milwaukee ranks HIGHER than Philadelphia? The land of beer, cheese curds (the fatty little leftover chunks from cheese-making), bratwurst and more beer?

Dan said...

LOL, yeah, I was wondering about that myself. Seems a bit dicey if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Fried Fudge? Have you tried it? Thats brilliant.
Michael Stanley