Thursday, April 03, 2008

Japanese McDonald's Go Mega!

I reported last summer that when it came to fast food of gargantuan proportions, the Japanese were leaving their American counterparts in the dust.

I wish that I was here to report that we were closing the artery-clogging gap on our friends in Japan, but that's simply not the case. While US fast food eateries continue to go back to the "meat as condiment" well (witness the recent return of the Philly Cheesesteak Burger), Japanese sandwich scientists are going bigger and taller.

In a word, they've gone Mega.

Check out the latest sandwich creations from McDonald's Japan including the Mega Mac (four patties!) and the 900+ calorie Mega Teriyaki (two pork patties topped with teriyaki sauce and sweet lemon mayo).

And they're not just limiting this mega madness to lunch, dinner and late-night snacking (because nothing sits in your stomach better at 3 AM like pork, teriyaki and mayo). Mega mania has even crossed into the breakfast realm with the Mega Muffin, an extreme take on the Egg McMuffin, GOJIRA-style complete with an egg, two pork sausage patties, cheese and bacon!

What, no country gravy?


michelle @ TNS said...

that is a truly terrifying breakfast. i think i can hear my arteries shrieking in terror.

Dan said...

LOL, I get woozy after a McGriddle (do they even make those anymore?)... I can't imagine how fast I'd pass out after a Mega Muffin!