Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Vegetarian Star Waxes Poetic About Applebee's

It took me a few viewings before I realized that the new "voice" of Applebee's is none other than John Corbett, a successful, albeit one-note, actor that my wife insists women love.

After countless viewings of the ads during the NCAA tournament – in which Corbett waxes poetic about the new "Ultimate Trios" available at the eatery – we remembered that Corbett was something of a celebrity vegetarian.

In fact, one website mentioned that he was once named to a list of The World's Sexiest Vegetarians.

Granted, I know voiceover work is nothing more than a job and Corbett isn't returning to his role as Aidan in the upcoming SEX & THE CITY movie (shudder). But when your agent calls and asks if you want to be the spokesperson for Mini Bacon Cheeseburgers, Steak Quesadilla Towers and Mini Chicken Ranchers, don't you take a pass?

1 comment:

K8teebug said...

My guess is he needed the paycheck.

(and most girls my age had a mad crush on him long before he was Aidan...when he played Chris Stevens on Northern Exposure)