Thursday, July 10, 2008

Food Rex for The Greatest City in the History of Mankind?

A friend asked me if I wouldn't mind checking with those in the know – that'd be you, the faithful THG readership – about places to eat when she heads out to San Diego in a couple weeks.

Despite its reputation as the greatest city in the history of mankind (according to Ron Burgundy) I've never been so I came up empty with any recommendations. But maybe you can help her out.

Here's what she's looking for...
I'll want to avoid super-uber "fancy" places because I won't have the clothes for it. Other than that, anything with entrees say up to the $15-20 range at the high end. Always up for a good gastropub or Asian. Really want to find a good taco truck or three, or good Mexican food that's not been Chi-Chi-ized and loaded with melted cheese. This year I'm staying at a hotel that used to be the old Navy base. The places around the convention center are usually packed, and we will have a car.
Don't let me down people...


Schlockstar said...

San Diego food:

Old Town Mexican Cafe
Any Roberto's or Alberto's [Mexican fast food]
The Turf Club [old school, cook your own steaks]
Waterfront Bar on Kettner [old bar, cold beer, great burgers]

I'm thinking the old navy base is Liberty Station so you're in a central location.

Corey said...

I really liked Old Town Mexican cafe. The halibut fish tacos were money.