Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jane & Michael Stern Rank Best BBQ Joints

Few questions will engender more debate among food fans than "What's your favorite barbecue joint?". I have several of my own, especially Andy Nelson's here on my home turf and Head Country when I'm out visiting my brother in Oklahoma. Sadly, neither makes the list of Jane & Michael Stern's dozen best places in the US, but that's okay – it just gives me more places to add to my growing list of barbecue places to try whenever we're on the road.


Corey said...

Makes me hungry for BBQ at my fave place - The Shed in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

fidge dextro said...

With BBQ, home is usually where the heart is. Down here in Orlando, where there is no home, I worked at a Carolina-style restaurant for seven years (until its sordid end, check out THG#9 for the full story) and I'm currently employed at a Texas cue. The flavors between the two couldn't be more different, but each offers a delicious take on the smokey magic of cooking low and slow. While it hasn't surpassed my taste for Italian food (nothing will ever beat a good slice of pizza), southern smoked barbecue has become a high-ranking staple.