Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Terrace Stacker... The Ultimate Jersey Burger?

As a kid growing up in South Jersey, I became intimately acquainted with both Scrapple and Pork Roll. And while Scrapple is largely consumed as a breakfast side (or occasional late night diner dish), Pork Roll (aka Taylor Ham, though I've never used or heard that term) is far more versatile.

It's a tasty breakfast treat or when topped with an egg and some cheese a vital part of a delicious "start your day" sandwich. Fry it up and add some cheese and you've got a great quickie lunch in a pinch.

But I'd never given much thought to using it as a burger topping, until I spied it in the description of The Terrace Stacker on the menu at The Terrace Tavern on Long Beach Island. I'm always suspicious of "off the wall" burger toppings and with my recent encounter with the Loaded Steakhouse Burger still lingering in my head (and gut) I was a bit gun shy. But the remainder of the menu wasn't inspiring me and I kept coming back to The Stacker. I decided to pull the trigger and see if this uniquely South Jersey burger could live up to my hopes.

Mission accomplished. The burger featured a thick slab of ground beef cooked to order topped with melted cheese, two thin slices of marbled pork roll, sauteed onions and mushrooms. A totally top notch offering that immediately makes my list of "go to" menu items whenever I'm on the island.


WP Tandy said...

Inspiring, Dan! (Shadow traffic reports severe back-up in your arteries - expect delays!)

John said...

scrapple brings back memories. Mostly because my mother always tried to get me to eat it. She loves the stuff, but I've never been a fan :)

I have never heard of pork roll before. I will look for it the next time I'm in Philly. As for that Terrace Tavern: I've never been out to or near Atlantic City, and probably won't for a while yet. So I'll just have to recreate this on my own.

Dan said...

John: You can get pork roll at local grocery stores, thick or thin sliced. Dig in!!!