Monday, August 04, 2008

Louis Cooks Alpha-Male Hot Wings

Some of you may be familiar with good pal Louis Fowler's reviews over at sister site Exploitation Retrospect, his fine work at Bookgasm or his recent appearances in the pages of Carbon 14. Oh, yeah, and when the long-awaited (long-delayed?) THG #11 finally hits the streets you'll be able to revel in his epic feature on... well, you're just going to have to wait till we get closer to publication for more details.

If ya think from all his movie reviews and music posts that Louis is nothing more than a big, cuddly pop culture nut you'd be wrong. Like THG, Louis is nothing if not multi-faceted and would probably trade a night of trashfilm viewing for sitting around the kitchen or grill cooking and eating.

Check out the great DAMAGED 2.0 blog for his recent post about making baked Alpha-Male Hot Wings and putting his girlfriend in her place – the salad place.

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