Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Overheard at San Sushi, Too/Thai One On

San Sushi Too/Thai One On has long been one of our favorite restaurants in the Towson, MD area. When I first started coming to this area about seven years ago Chris and I went there almost every week and over the years the once cramped, two-room eatery has opened up into several dining areas as well as a cavernous lounge, but the food has never been better.

A few weeks ago we stopped in because we were too early for dinner at the place across the street (Kyodai, which I've raved about in the past but seems to have hit a dry spell of late). Sitting in the comfortable dining area next to the sit-down sushi bar we heard the following exchange as two college students entered and contemplated the large, chalkboard menu that lists the various sushi specials and their various ingredients...

COLLEGE STUDENT (after a lengthy, contemplative examination of the menu board): What's "roe"?
SUSHI CHEF: Fish eggs.
COLLEGE STUDENT (dejected): Oh. Well, I don't want those.

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