Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Who's Top Chef When it Comes to $$$?

Are chefs the new rock stars? Between cooking competitions, TV shows based around becoming a network chef, endorsement deals, swanky restaurants and cookbooks it sure seems that way.

But which chef – according to Forbes – earns the most? While you won't be surprised at the name atop the list you'll probably be surprised by who isn't there and how much they say some chefs earn.

For instance, Bobbly Flay seems to be on a half-dozen Food Network shows, has a full slate of restaurants in New York and Vegas (not to mention other hot spots), writes cookbooks and certainly has other endorsement gigs, yet the article suggests he only earns $1.5 million, the same as Anthony Bourdain.

If that's all Flay is pulling down from his seemingly tireless work, he may want to rethink his career path. And my white hot hatred for him may actually be turning to pity.

On the other hand, Emeril Lagasse is conspicuous by his absence, especially since he sold his media and merchandising company to Martha Stewart earlier this year for $50 million.

The article doesn't seem to include any data on how the numbers were compiled so I have my doubts about its accuracy, but it's fun to get my blood boiling by seeing Rachel Ray atop the list at a suggested $18 million.


theminx said...

Ha! Looks like you and I had the same thoughts on the same topic.

Kit Pollard said...

I can't even think about how much money Rachael Ray makes. It hurts me.

But the comments on that article make me laugh. I think there must be some sort of cabal of RR fans who search the web looking for people saying negative things about her, just so they can respond with "You're just JEALOUS! She's a GREAT LADY and she can COOK!!!11!!"