Tuesday, October 07, 2008

FOOD COURT: Chef Kills Friend, Marinates & Eats Leg

A hook up went horribly wrong when a former Mr. Gay UK killed the man he said tried to rape him, then marinated, seasoned and fried part of the victim's leg before eating it.

Anthony Morley and Damian Oldfield had exchanged flirtatious text messages before meeting up at a bar in Leeds, where both lived. The two reportedly knew one another and ended up back at Morley's house after several hours of beer drinking. Morley alleges that Oldfield tried to rape him and assaulted him afterwards.

The prosecution insists that the victim was lying under a duvet at the time of the attack and was brutally stabbed from behind and had his throat slit.

After sampling a bit of the victim's thigh, Morley went to a local take-out restaurant and confessed to the crime while wearing a blood-spattered bathrobe and flip-flops.


fdextro said...

Most tasteless comment you'll ever read (I'd advise removing it after posting):

The man couldn't cook a thigh correctly? Good thing he wasn't into women. Imagine how dry that breast would've been.

Dan said...

Hey, thighs are tough, you gotta cook 'em right! Given the UK's penchant for celeb worship what are the odds this guy gets a cookbook deal?