Wednesday, December 03, 2008

FOOD COURT: Man Accused of Assaulting Girlfriend with Hot Sweet Potato Pie

I'm surprised we haven't heard more tales of booze-and-turkey-induced Thanksgiving mayhem, but maybe the stories have been overshadowed by the new hotbed of violence... discount stores!

In addition to the much-reported story of the Walmart temp worker who was trampled to death by a crowd looking to save $5 on some DVDs there was also a shooting at a Philadelphia area K-Mart when a worker got in the way of a domestic dispute between a co-worker and her boyfriend.

But that doesn't mean there weren't holiday dinners brimming with acrimony. Here's one news story from Southern Florida about a man who allegedly attacked his girlfriend with a hot sweet potato pie because he didn't like the food she'd cooked...
Martin County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested a man who threw hot sweet potato pie in his girlfriend's face on Thanksgiving because he didn't like the food, according to a Sheriff's Office report.

On Thanksgiving, Christopher Ford, 46, went to his home on the 8400 block of Southeast Fern Street. When he got home he asked for something to eat, according to the report.

But Ford was upset with the meal his girlfriend fixed for him and they got into an argument in the kitchen. While arguing, Ford picked up the sweet potato pie his girlfriend had recently removed from the oven and slammed it into her face, according to the report.

Ford ran outside the rear door of the residence when the woman's three teenagers went into the kitchen to see what the ruckus was and saw their mom with pie on her face, according to the report.


Douglas A. Waltz said...

What a horrid waste of perfectly good pie. I do like how they attribute the whole thing to not getting something he wanted to eat when it had to be a much deeper reason than that. Friggin' news people

Dan said...

Yeah, you don't get mad at the meal options and then hit your lady in the face with a steaming hot pie. And, dude, she went to the trouble of making you a sweet potato pie, how bad could it have been?!