Thursday, December 04, 2008

Why I Love Wawa: Reason 476

Was home in NJ for Thanksgiving and there's a new Wawa just two blocks from my in-laws. Grabbed bags of Herr's snacks I've not seen in Maryland (reviews to come) and rang in my 42nd birthday with a 24-oz Kona.

But it's things like this that I think of when people ask me what's so damned special about Wawa. I stopped in the day after Thanksgiving for coffee and after checking the burners and coming up empty I spied a fresh pot of Kona behind the counter. I caught the attention of one of the workers and asked if I could have it. The woman working brought it over without attitude and I had piping hot, fresh Kona on my way back to the house. Try that at other convenience stores and see what kind of response you get.


The Daily Breather said...

Man I miss me some Wawa. I lived in Cecil Co for a while and Wawa was king. My fav was the double caffiene alert cappuchino!!! and the biscuits and gravy. Hands down best biscuits and gravy in the world. They're not on the menu either on the wall or in the self-ordering register and they usually run out by 9:00am but for $2 you'll be hollerin' about 'em too. Am I wrong?!

John said...

I remember Wawa. When I lived in Lansdowne there was one up on Hollins Ferry. It isn't there anymore. Okay, it is, but it isn't a Wawa's. It was a Nolley's before it just became a liquor store that also served inedible sub sandwiches.

Dan said...

One of the oddest experiences for me is when I drive by an old Wawa and see that it has changed to something else. It's like running into an old girlfriend only to find out that she's lost three teeth, shaved her head, and picked up a heroin addiction.

I'd never noticed that extra caffeinated cappucino until a friend pointed it out last month when we were in Philly for a 25 hour horror marathon. I made note of it but never needed to pull the trigger.

Haven't tried the biscuits and gravy but I'm a HUGE fan of the Wawa mac & cheese. Usually get the Family Size because my wife and daughter are like me and would dive into a vat of it if they could!

The Daily Breather said...

Man & cheese? Man, Wawa's got comfort food down breakfest and dinner.