Wednesday, January 21, 2009

White House Wine Choices Keep it Real

As one anonymous commenter (coughwusscough) pointed out my "pallet" may not be developed enough for life as a food reviewer. Good thing I do this for fun, get paid nothing and, oh yeah, call myself The Hungover Gourmet. So you should probably take anything and everything I write with a grain of salt. But use kosher salt because it adheres better.

But getting back to my, ahem, palate. When it comes to wine I'm not exactly what you'd call an oenophile (or as our anonymous friend might say "ownafile"). I'm more than happy with a cheap bottle of red wine and while I usually stay in the $10+ range when it comes to white, I have been known to enjoy the paint-peeling-bouquet of Thunderbird during a pot luck spaghetti dinner or two. (Usually with tragic results to eyebrows, limbs and relationships.) Good times, good times.

So I must admit that I was filled with a mix of hope, optimism and maybe a hint of peach and vanilla when I read what wines were served at yesterday's inaugural luncheon. Turns out that the wines were picked by a bipartisan Senate-House tasting committee (and they wonder why they can't get anything done) but I'm glad to see the article mentions the Obamas are wine drinkers. I hope they made Bush take all his O'Doul's and Kaliber with him.

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Aria Minelime said...

The kosher salt line is priceless. Snort!