Monday, May 04, 2009

Could White Castle's Timing Be Any Worse?

When Louis Fowler and I were in Ohio last month we lamented the fact that the local White Castle had not started its Pulled Pork Sandwich promotion yet. Because what you need after you've ordered 90 Slyders, three orders of Family Fries, a couple sacks of Onion Chips and some Clam Strips is a couple Pulled Pork Sandwiches. From White Castle.

Little did we know that a few months later the world would be facing a possible pandemic of something called the Swine Flu Virus that isn't actually caused by exposure to pork products, despite the highly misleading name.

Whether pigs are to blame or not, this White Castle commercial for the aforementioned Pulled Pork Sandwiches probably won't allay the fears of those who think our porcine pals are at fault...


Anonymous said...

Timing or not, the commercial is nauseating -- and I like pulled pork and love White Castle burgers!

Dan said...

I have to agree... as much as I love pulled pork and WC slyders there's something really gross about this spot. Don't know if it's the CARRIE-esque splatter of BBQ sauce or just the image of the person dancing in a pig suit ala David Lynch directing FLASHDANCE but it creeps me the hell out!