Friday, July 10, 2009 Raves About (Sigh) Pat's

As any reader of this blog knows the subject of cheesesteaks is near and dear to my heart. And, yes, that heart may be hardening a little thanks to all of the "research" I've done over the years, but like the Curies before me I am willing to sacrifice my body all in the name of science.

I just hope that nobody will have to wear protective clothing to consult my papers after I'm gone.

The subject of cheesesteaks is so controversial, so bubbling over with gooey cheese and passionate opinion that the mere mention of it is sure to bring every card-carrying member of Cheesesteak Nation out of the woodwork.

As a member of said Nation I'm compelled to share this recent story about how the gang at named the cheesesteak at Pat's as one of the Top 10 Sandwiches in the country.

Don't get me wrong... I'm all about the venerable cheesesteak taking its place alongside such top-notch sandwich offerings as the Lobster Roll, French Dip, Po' Boy and Cuban. I just feel like they do the whole cheesesteak genre a disservice when they tab the lame, touristy sandwich from Pat's as "the best". Too bad they didn't venture off the well-traveled path and try Dallesandro's, Steve's, Cosmi's, Chink's, Talk of the Town, Tony Luke's or even Geno's, which – while still lame and touristy – is substantially superior to Pat's.

There is one good thing... at least they left the overrated Primanti Bros. off the list.

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