Thursday, November 19, 2009

Non-Breaking Food News: Concession Stand Grub is Bad for You

Not exactly what I'd call "breaking news". Center for Science in Public Interest (aka Buzzkill Central) determines that -- gasp! -- movie theater concession stand grub is bad for you.


John said...

Dan, I've nominated you for an "award" of sorts.

Wendi at Bon Appetit, Hon, started a little blog award wave of blogs she likes and the wave eventually reached me. The idea is that if you are nominated, and accept, you note a few blogs that you like. Wendi has a graphic for the award, too - it's the leg lamp from A Christmas Story. The idea is just to point out a few blogs that you really like and to say why.

Here's Wendi's post - she explains the "rules":

And here's mine:

Congrats, man.

Dan said...

Thanks John, I'll definitely check it out. Been crazy busy here of late so I'm a little behind on my blogging!