Wednesday, December 09, 2009

TOP CHEF Final Live-Ish Blog

And the countdown begins...

I still think Padma's eyes suggest that Bryan V is the winner.

10:04 – I like the twist of making the chefs make a dessert.

10:05 – Bryan V draws Jen and Ashley. Win.

10:11 – I feel bad for Kevin. I'm pretty sure I have more kitchen skill than his sous chefs while Bryan has a pretty solid crew.

10:12 – Kevin's only 26?! Do you know what I was doing at the age of 26?!

10:18 – I like the first course twist. Mine would be some kind of spin on scrambled eggs, canned peas and mac & cheese.

10:15 – Love all these guys. Okay, Kevin's mom looks younger than Kevin.

10:20 – Michael says something akin to "the food Michael doesn't usually cook"... always a bad sign.

10:21 – Kevin is adamant about getting bacon into his dessert. Did I mention I love Kevin?

10:26 – Glad Padma made that disclaimer. I could see Kevin's mom taking somebody out.

10:27 – Philly in the house! Stephen Starr is on the judge's panel.

10:28 – I can't imagine my mom eating my interpretation of one of her dishes.

10:30 – Don't worry Kevin's mom. I wanna go to Kevin's restaurant any day!

10:35 – What kind of weirdo doesn't like bacon in their dessert?

10:36 – Sticking by my Bryan V prediction but I think Kevin would be a worthwhile winner.

10:43 – Okay, here we go... Bryan is known for his "restraint"?

10:44 – I'd wrestle Kevin's mom for that chicken skin.

10:50 – I like me some pork belly, but I think Kevin pulled up short with this dish. And tonight.

10:51 – Bryan V wins. I'm sticking to my prediction.

10:57 – Whoa, I'm blown away that Michael wins. Surprised and amazed. Congratulations!

Congratulations to all the finalists! The Voltaggio Brothers made the latest season a lot of fun. And as a youngest brother I say "cheers" Michael for your win. Bravo!

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Thomas said...

Kind of bummed to see Michael win it, but they are all great chefs. I dream of dining at Kevin's restaurant someday.