Sunday, January 03, 2010

Baltimore Names Its Ultimate Couch Potato!

Received January 2 at 8:57 PM...

ESPN Zone Baltimore has a winner!

Jessica Mosley, a 27-year-old education coordinator from Arlington, VA, won Baltimore's 2nd annual Ultimate Couch Potato competition -- outlasting 30-year-old sports producer Chris Dachille from Timonium, MD who threw up the white flag this evening.

Mosley watched 32 hours, 59 minutes and 14 seconds of televised sports to take home this year's Ultimate Couch Potato title. She's not at all tired, is staying for dinner and the end of the Arkansas/East Carolina game and says she'll definitely be back for the three-peat win next year.

The runner-up, Chris Dachille, called it quits seconds earlier, citing exhaustion and applauding Jessica, while saying he had more fun than he could have ever imagined.

Jessica's prize pack is worth over $4,000, which includes a customized XZipit™ recliner, a $1,000 gift certificate to Best Buy to buy their own HD TV, one year of free cable or satellite television, $1,000 in gift certificates and game cards to ESPN Zone and, of course, the Ultimate Couch Potato Champion’s trophy complete with a real live spud.

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