Thursday, August 12, 2010

FOOD COURT: Frozen Chefs, Fast Food Freakouts and Fake Seizures

It's been quite the line-up of law and order-related culinary mischief this week. Must have had something to do with my recent stint on jury duty...

First up, the body of missing French chef Jean-Francois Poinard was discovered in the freezer of an apartment he had shared with his girlfriend. The 71-year-old chef had been missing for two years and was once considered a top chef in Lyon.

Next it's a fast food freakout as a woman smashes the drive-thru window of a McDonald's in Ohio after being told she couldn't have McNuggets since it was breakfast time. I have long held the belief that the Golden Arches' inflexible breakfast hours work to their detriment, though I wouldn't take my case quite this far!

And in a case of life sorta imitating art, a Baltimore man was charged with faking seizures in order to avoid paying his restaurant tabs. This was no quickly thought out scheme to avoid a bill. 43-year-old Andrew Palmer had done this a staggering 80+ times with more than 30 convictions for "eating in a public place without paying" among other things. Oh, the "art" I was referring to was the film CHOKE in which a man (played by Sam Rockwell) fakes seizures in restaurants to scam money from the people who save his life.

(Thanks to SMILE HON editor WP Tandy and MC Scotty P for the tips.)

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