Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Boh Back on Tap in B'more!

One of the things that has always perplexed me since I moved to the Baltimore area has been the inability to get Natty Boh on tap. Though life may be "too short for cheap beer" (as the saying goes), there are times when an ice cold cheap beer really hits the spot.

In fact, when a special occasion rolls around and my gals want to treat me to lunch my first choice is usually Mama's on the Half Shell for some Steamed Shrimp, Clams Casino, an Oyster Po' Boy and some icy pints of PBR draft. But, I always wonder, what if they had Natty Boh on tap?

Well wonder no more THG! Baltimore Magazine reports that for the first time in 15 years the iconic Baltimore beer (though no longer brewed here) will be offered on draft thanks to demand from bar owners and beer lovers.

No word on what bars will be partaking of this opportunity but a six-pack (or so) of area watering holes will be having National Bohemian Tapping of The Keg parties over the course of the next few weeks.


Davey G. said...

Ahhh. It's been far too long. I remember having this on tap back in '96, and then having it taken away. I look forward to its return!

Louis Fowler said...

Natty Boh quickly became my second favorite beer after downing a handful with the Atomic TV guys.

Dan said...

Louis: And your first favorite would be...?

Louis Fowler said...

Lone Star.