Friday, January 07, 2011

Top Chef All-Stars: Down to the Dirty Dozen

I have to admit.

After Jen got the boot I was beginning to wonder if my handicapping skills were not as sharp as I thought. I firmly believed that the seemingly-talented, Eric Ripert-mentored chef from my homeland would be around at least until the last-third of the competition and, maybe, just maybe would make it to the Top Chef All-Stars finale.

But after that rocky patch it looks like the stars have realigned and all is right with the reality cooking show universe. Elia, Stephen and Dale L (all "Longshots" according to Danny the Polack) have been sent packing and even Spike and Casey (both of whom I thought could compete for the title or mail in a horrific culinary monstrosity) got the boot for committing a couple cardinal Top Chef sins: letting Angelo fiddle with a dish; and, working the front of the house while somebody else preps your chicken feet, respectively.

Seriously, I am notorious in my household for pretty much eating any and every part of the chicken. (Don't get me started. It's definitely a holdover from my childhood when my Dad would be given the luxury of picking over the chicken carcass after Mom had gotten all she could out of it.) And, well, I wouldn't have eaten those chicken feet. Even on a dare.

Okay, maybe on a dare, but that's the only way!

And so we head into the middle rounds with most of my favorites left, though if I was re-seeding at this point I might knock Fabio down into the middle of the pack (the turtle walking kinda weirded me out) and bump up either Tre or Dale L. I still feel like the former is too flippant while the latter is too pig-headed, but hey, I've been accused of being both myself.

So, who do you like on Top Chef All-Stars now that the first third of the cheftestants have been weeded out?

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Synd-e said...

The most important rule that the contestants need to know is this:

Don't allow or ask anyone else to help with your food. Ever.

Spike went down after Angelo added some sort of "gelee" or foam to his dish. Casey went down because she expected others to help her cook those gnarly chicken feet.

I'm rooting for Richard and Antonia to make it to the top 3 or 4. As loathe as I am to admit it, Angelo and Mike I. are also very strong (albeit bags of dicks).

Have soft spots for Tiffany D., Tre, and Carla.