Friday, October 28, 2011

A Cheesesteak is Not a Philly and a Philly is Not a Cheesesteak

Herr's should know better.
Regular readers of this blog know that I'm an admitted, card-carrying Cheesesteak Snob. My general rule of thumb is that if you're a cheesesteak that wasn't made within 30 miles of Billy Penn's hat atop City Hall, well, then I'm not eating you.

Naturally, that rule applies double if you're some sort of chain. Like Arby's. (And even Wawa. Sorry Wawa.)

You've probably seen the commercial for the new Arby's "Philly". The one where the guy takes a bite of his roast beef sandwich and says, "I know a good Philly, and that's a good Philly".

My wife and I recoiled in horror the first time we saw that spot. We grew up in South Jersey, spent many a night in South Philly and went to college in Delaware and Philly (respectively). But our post-college lives took us to Pittsburgh, Arizona and finally back to the east coast, but to Baltimore (where they think they know how to make a cheesesteak, but they would be wrong... and their bread sucks). So, we've seen our share of misguided attempts at making the real deal.

Our reaction to the commercial? Pretty much, "WTF's a Philly?!".

Luckily, this story is gaining some media attention, though it's hard to get past those Occupy glory hogs and attention-whores in the Republican party.

The Philadelphia Daily News (which I'm shocked is still in business) took on the battle cry yesterday with their article, 'Philly's a city, not a sandwich' and I was happy to learn there's a website chronicling the misguided attempts at cheesesteaks from around the country.

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