Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Dutch Oven in the House!

I loved our old Dutch Oven and used it for everything from cooking mirepoix to making spicy shrimp & grits. Unfortunately, it had an enameled interior and once it started to flake and chip we knew that was the end. (I looked around for some re-enameling kits but it didn't look like any of them were "food safe".)

Knowing that a full day of Thanksgiving cooking was on the way I opted for this 7 qt. Lodge Cast Iron pot. We have a Lodge Pizza Pan that we got for our wedding and we love so I felt confident plopping down the cash for this hefty pot.

Luckily, reviews and raves of Lodge pots and pans have been pouring in from friends on Facebook and Twitter so I feel like I did the right thing.

Anybody else have a Lodge pot/pan that they love? Or hate?

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