Wednesday, January 04, 2012

DRAFT PICKS: Josh Ozersky Disses Thanksgiving Culinary Tradition

While preparing some recent posts I noticed that I had 17 drafts (?!) sitting in THG's blog dashboard. After scanning the titles I had vague recollections what some of these were and no idea about others. This one dates from more than two years ago and must have been intended as a discussion of turkey preparation methods. Over the coming days I'll be serving up some more of these unedited 'Draft Picks'... who knows, maybe one of them will spark me to finish the actual article!

I really enjoyed Josh Ozersky's book about hamburgers and I'm glad I stumbled onto his Ozersky.TV site but I have to say that I don't agree with his recent article in Time about how Thanksgiving culinary tradition is all about "dry, bland" turkey and "stultifying side dishes" like "dusty cans of cranberry slime mold".

Don't get me wrong, I ate my share of dry turkey through the years and I don't think our Thanksgiving table evolved at all over the years. There was a rigid menu in place (probably before I was even born) and it never deviated from turkey, jellied cranberry, traditional stuffing, corn and mashed potatoes. I made an attempt to push the envelope one year by bringing a Crab and Beer Dip for pre-dinner football but it didn't meet with the open arms I was expecting.

That said, a dry, bland turkey is almost inexcusable these days. Whether you brine, grill, salt rub, deep fry or roast, it's not that hard to end up with tasty, moist turkey that you won't mind eating for days. I know I don't.

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