Thursday, August 22, 2013

What's Happening with Piv's and Patrick's?

I'd been meaning to research what was happening with Piv's on nearby York Rd. since catching a glimpse of the electronic sign outside thanking their customers for years of memories.

The restaurant's outside has changed quite a bit in recent years with the addition of a patio and a seven day a week package goods store but I'd never eaten there despite living down the street for the last 12 years. Reviews were never that great and eating on a patio that's literally a stone's throw from York Rd. never seemed that appealing.

But it totally slipped my mind until seeing Richard Gorelick's write-up on its closing as well as that of another nearby mainstay, Patrick's (which I wrote about back in 2009).

Will have to keep an eye on what's happening with these two... and maybe when my daughter starts school next week I can find out what they were building across from Corner Stable all during last year.

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