Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Thrillist Ranks Best Small Beer Cities in the US

I used to go to Asheville, NC for the annual ActionFest film festival.

Unfortunately, we would spend pretty much every waking moment either sitting in a theater watching a movie, in the lobby of a theater waiting for the next movie to start, chatting with folks like Michael Jai White (see photo), or stuffing our faces at Fryz so we had enough food in us to last through nine straight hours of movies.

But everywhere we turned in Asheville there were signs, magazines, brochures and tourism types telling us how it was one of the best beer cities in America. I always told myself that the next time I went back I'd spend some time appreciating the surrounding beer culture.

Naturally, they've never had another ActionFest. Sad trombone.

Anyway, when Thrillist popped up in my inbox this morning with the headline "The 9 Best Beer Cities in America?" I had a feeling that Asheville would be on the list.

No surprise, there it is, along with Burlington (VT), Bend (OR), Hood River (OR), Longmont (CO – home to my beloved Oskar Blues), Missoula (MT), Portland (ME), Santa Fe (NM), and Traverse City (MI).

You can check out the full list here.

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